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How to use the rock drill properly to improve the rate of st

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Rock drill is a simple, light, economical excavation machinery, widely used in road construction, infrastructure, mining and other industries, is an important machine in stone waste mining. Rock drilling machine belongs to the impact equipment, at the same time, the need for oil, water and gas a variety of auxiliary media to use together, on the one hand, the reliability and safety of equipment work put forward a higher requirements; The scientific use and maintenance of rock drills is not only of great significance to ensure safe production and prevent malignant accidents, but also to improve the performance, working life and production efficiency of equipment.

Preparations before powering on

1, the newly purchased rock drill, the interior is coated with a larger viscosity of rust-proof grease, before use must be removed clearly. When reloading, each moving part, Mina, is oiled. After installation, the rock drill will be connected to the pressure trachea line, open a small wind operation, check whether its operation is normal.

2, to the automatic oil injectors into the lubricant, commonly used lubricants for 20, 30, 40, oil. Containers filled with lubricants should be clean, covered and prevent rock powder and dirt from entering the injectors.

3, the major inspection of the workplace wind pressure and water pressure. Wind pressure of 0.4-0.6MPa, wind pressure will speed up the damage of mechanical parts, too low will reduce rock drilling efficiency and rust mechanical parts. Water pressure is generally 0.2-0.3MPa, water pressure is too high water will be poured into the machine internal damage lubrication, reduce the efficiency of the rock drill and rust mechanical parts;

4, the use of brazing is in line with quality requirements, non-conforming brazing is prohibited from use.

5, the duct access rock drill, should be degassed will be off the dirt blowing out. To catch water pipe money, to waterproof flush the dirt at the joint, wind pipe and water pipe must be tightened, in order to prevent shedding injury.

6, the brazing tail inserted into the rock drill head, force clockwise turn the brazing, if not moving, indicating that there is a plug phenomenon in the machine, should be dealt with in a timely manner.

7, tighten the joint bolts, open air to check the operation of the thruster, normal operation to start work.

8, rail-type rock drill should be set up pillars, and check the operation of the thruster, air-leg rock drill and upward rock drill must check the flexibility of its gas legs and so on.

9, the hydraulic rock drill should be required to have a good sealing of the hydraulic system to prevent hydraulic oil pollution, to ensure that the hydraulic oil has a constant pressure.


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