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      JiNing Shengdu Pneumatic Breaker Tools(rock drill) Co., a modern corporation which develops, manufacture and sell the equipment . Our main products is rock drill which is suitable for mining and the construction work . The scope of application include the construction demolition ,perforating in the geological prospecting and foundation engineering,as well as the cement road. Asphalt surface of a variety of split, broken, ramming it, spade chisel,Fire Rescue and so on.function is more applicable to a variety of mine drilling, fracturing, blasting mining.It is liked by many people because of good performance, high efficiency, light weight.There are many auxiliary products we can supply, For example,drill rod,drill bit,pickaxe rock drill ,split Stone(rock breaking ),etc. There are over 300 employees in our corporation.The corporation consists of International business department and domestic business department.2/3 among them is senior technical We will provide you with utmost ideal service with our management, sales personnel and technicians..We can provide a complete range of products,all of them can improve the efficiency on the basis of low cost.

     As a manufacturer who produce rock drill professionally,In addition to providing high- quality products,our success lies in the enthusiasm of the industry,to establish effective interaction with customers as well as our creative spirit of the revolution . Our company has formed a series of products to meet the need of users at different levels and Our company products possessing advanced standard, The processing technology is proficient, steady quality and good sailing market. We have been exported to more than 50 Countries and regions ,For example Europe and the United States, Russia, India, Middle East district etc , with annual production of twenty thousand sets.

    Shengdu’s products win society and user’s credit for its fashionable design, reliable quality and excellent service. Shengdu people will strive for service society by better quality based on our company spirit of collectivizing and internationalization. We will still move forward of the development path.

    Welcome the customers from all over the world to visit our company for cooperate and bussiness.   Presently there are six main series of products in our company. <1>Internal combustion rock-drill series including YN 30A , YN30E , Double-vat YNF30 , YN27 , YN 27C ,YN 270 YN27T , etc. <2> drill rod (drill), internal combustion rock drill bit (drill bit) Series: B22 hollow six- Rod, all kinds of pickaxe rock drill,A word drill, the cruciform rock drill bit (Cross Bit),Button Bit. <3> Air legged rock-drill(Pneumatic Rock Drill) series including YT24,Y26, YT28,Y24,YT27,Y19A,YT29A,etc. <4>breaker (Break-stone equipment) series including Gasoline breaker (Gasoline Break-stone equipment ),Internal combustion breaker ,TPB- series Break-stone equipment, SK-10 type gas draft ,B47 Break-stone equipment,B67 Break-stone equipment,B87 Break-stone equipment, etc. <5>Hillsiding cnchorage rock-cnchorage(Rock electric drill )series including KHYD40A,75A, Hollow air drill series including KQD70A,KQD100A.etc. <6>Rock breaking (Wedge)series including Φ18,Φ20,Φ24,Φ30,Φ32,Φ34 Hand split stone (Wedge),Φ36 Machine split stone(Wedge),etc.

CONTACTS: Manager Xia    
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ADD: Hong Kong and Macao Industrial Park, Jiaxiang County, Jining City, Shandong Province
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