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Superior concept, excellent team and excellent service


Superior concept, excellent team and excellent service

The range of applications for our products

Applications include building demolition operations, geological exploration drilling and foundation engineering, as well as cement pavement, asphalt pavement, a variety of cracking, crushing, drilling and fire rescue functions, more suitable for a variety of mines drilling, cracking, blasting, mining.

What are we doing?

The main production of rock drill products applicable to mining and construction operations - this has now formed six categories of products: First. Internal gasoline rock drill series 2. Brazing rod three. Pneumatic rock drill series, four. Broken Manuscript Series, V. Rock electric drill, submersible drill series, six. Stone chopper series

Who are we?

Jining Sandu Wind Tools Co., Ltd. is a modern company that develops, manufactures and sells in one.

More than ten years focused on rock drill equipment manufacturing

In the fierce market competition, the company pays attention to the development of new products, new products continue to emerge, has now formed a series of multi-species production, to meet the multi-level needs of users, product quality steadily improved, in recent years products are exported to Europe and the United States, Russia, India, the Middle East and other more than 50 countries and regions. "Excellent concept, excellent team, quality service." Sandu Wind Tools Co. , Ltd. adhering to the three excellent principles of service in the industry to establish a good reputation and reputation. We will also follow the development path of groupization, industrialization and internationalization.  My company is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad dedicated cooperation and common development, create brilliant!

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Superior concept, excellent team and excellent service

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