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Electric rock drill safety operating procedures technical cr

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1, before starting, should check all the mechanism and electrical parts, and should focus on checking the leakage protector, each controller should be in zero position; Only after confirmation that it is OK will the power can be turned on.

2, after power, the brazing head should rotate clockwise;

3, cable wire shall not be placed in water or on metal pipes through. Construction site should be marked, mechanical vehicles are strictly prohibited on the cable through.

4, empty load operation is normal, should be installed in accordance with the prescribed procedures brazing rod, brazing head, plug in the water pipe, can open the eye drilling.

5, drilling rig forward and reverse, forward and backward, should wait for the main drive motor or swing motor to stop completely, before changing direction.

6, drilling, when suddenly brazing stop drilling or brazing rod bending, should immediately release the clutch, return to the drilling rig. In the case of local hard rock formations, the clutch can be operated to push slowly, or to change the speed and amount of thrust.

7, drilling, should be before the end of the propulsion quickly dial the clutch, to avoid exceeding the stroke of the drilling rig damage.

8, in the operation, if a noise occurs, should immediately stop the inspection.

9, mobile drilling rigs should have a special command. When moving, the drill should be raised to a certain height and fixed. After moving, the fuselage should be leveled and the work should not be tilted.

10, after the operation, should wipe the dust, oil, safely stored in a dry place, to prevent the motor from moisture.


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