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Wind chisel safety operating procedures technical cross-cutt

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1, wind chisel conditions: wind pressure should be 0.5 to 0.6MPa, wind pressure should not be less than 0.4MPa;

2, before use, should check the wind, water pipes, there must be no leakage, leakage phenomenon, and should use compressed air blowing out of the air duct water and debris.

3, before use, should be injected into the automatic injector lubricants, not oil-free operation.

4, the brazing tail inserted into the rock drill head, hand clockwise should be able to turn the brazing, if there is a plug phenomenon, should be excluded after drilling.

5, before drilling, should check the work surface, the surrounding stone should not loosen, the site should be cleaned up, not left behind blind guns.

6, in the deep pits, grooves, wells, tunnels, cave room construction, should be in accordance with geological and construction requirements, set up slope, roof support or solid wall support and other safety measures, and should always check and strictly prevent roof collapse.

7, it is strictly forbidden to drill holes in the waste gun eye and horse riding operation, drilling, drilling rod and drilling center line should be consistent.

8, wind, water pipes shall not be entangled, knotted, and not subject to all kinds of vehicle pressure. Stop the gas supply without applying the method of bending the duct.

9, when drilling, should first open the wind, after the boiling water;

10, when opening, should run slowly, do not use hands, feet to block the brazing head. Should wait for the hole depth of 10 to 15mm before gradually into full speed operation. When brazing, should be slowly pulled out, if there is more rock powder, should blow holes strongly.

11, in operation, when the pass card brazing or speed slows down, should immediately reduce the axial thrust;

12, the use of hand-held rock drill vertical down operation, weight must not be all pressed on the rock drilling machine, should prevent the break of the brazing rod hurt people, the drilling machine to work above, should maintain the direction of operation and prevent the brazing rod suddenly broken. Do not idle at full speed for long periods of time.

13, when the drilling depth of more than 2m, should first use short brazing rod drilling, to drill to 1.0 to 1.3m depth, and then use long brazing drilling.

14. Seat belts must be fastened when working above 3m above ground or on slopes. Do not tow ducts on hillsides and notify operators be evacuated when they need to be towed.

15, in the roadway or cave room and other poor ventilation conditions of the work surface, must use wet work. Dust-proof measures should be taken where there is a lack of water or where wet work is not suitable.

16, in the completion of explosives within 5m of the gun eye, drilling is strictly prohibited.

17. There should be sufficient lighting when working at night or in cave rooms. The construction of the cave should have good ventilation measures.

18, after the operation, should close the pipe valve, remove the pipe, empty operation, blow clean the machine residual water droplets, and then close the duct valve.

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