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The working principle and classification of the rock drill

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The working principle of the rock drill is based on the principle of shock crushing. When working, the pistons do high-frequency reciprocating motion, constantly impacting the brazing tail. Under the influence force, the sharp wedge-shaped brazing head crushes the rock and chisels it into a certain depth to form a dent. After the piston returns, the brazing turns a certain angle, the piston moves forward, and when it hits the brazing tail again, a new dent is formed. The fan-shaped rock block between the two dents is cut by a horizontal split force generated by the brazing head. The piston constantly hits the brazing tail and continuously enters compressed air or pressure water from the center hole of the brazing, draining the slag out of the hole, i.e. forming a circular borehole of a certain depth.

According to its power source, the classification rock drill can be divided into wind rock drill, internal combustion rock drill, electric rock drill and hydraulic rock drill and so on. Wind-driven rock drill wind-driven with compressed air to drive pistons forward in the cylinder, so that steel brazing rock, the most widely used. Electric motor through the crank linkage mechanism to drive the hammer head impact steel brazing, chisel rock. And the use of powder removal mechanism to discharge stone chips, internal combustion-type use of internal combustion engine principle, through the combustion force of gasoline to drive the piston impact steel brazing, chisel rock. Suitable for construction sites without power or gas sources. Hydraulics rely on hydraulics to strike steel brazing through inert gases and impact bodies, drilling rocks. On the return journey, the impact mechanism of these drills forces the steel brazing angle by the brazing mechanism to turn the angle so that the brazing head changes position and continues to drill the rock. The diesel fuel force drives the piston to impact the steel brazing, so constantly impact and rotation, and the use of powdering mechanism to drain stone chips, can be chiseled into a gun hole. Internal combustion rock drilling machine internal combustion rock drill does not need to change the internal parts of the head, just as required to move the handle, you can work. It is convenient to operate, more time-saving, labor-saving, and has the characteristics of fast chisel speed and high efficiency.

Drill holes in the rock, can be vertical down, horizontal upward less than 45 degrees vertical down the deepest hole up to six meters. Whether in the mountains, flat land, whether in the 40 degrees of extreme heat or minus 40 degrees of cold areas can be carried out, this machine has a wide range of adaptability. Internal combustion rock drilling machine with mining drilling holes, construction, cement pavement, asphalt pavement and other cracking, crushing, smashing, shoveling and other functions, widely used in mines, construction, fire, geological exploration, road construction, quarrying, construction, national defense engineering and so on.

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