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Hard alloy brazing sheet

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Hard alloy brazing sheet
Carbide brazing sheet with basic knowledge

1 Select the correct choice of carbide grades carbide grade, is to ensure the effective use of carbide is extremely important factors. In the choice of carbide grade should pay attention to the following points:
a, rock mechanical properties, such as hardness, friction and so their shape characteristics, such as density, fractures, joints, caves, etc.. Basic principle is: the more hard rock chisel, the choice of alloy sheet toughness should be better, but not too soft, that attention should not wear too low, because too soft alloy will increase consumption, while also reducing drilling efficiency; many rock formations on fracture, irrespective of their hardness, how and what type of rock drill, drill bits should apply cross.
b, rock drill models, such as light, heavy, etc.;
c, rock crushing method (cutting, cut into pieces, crush, crush, etc.);
d, device capabilities (such as high and low pressure, etc.).
2 Select Carbide Model ko type alloy film is available through the wash style side inserts welded drill head and a word Qianzai with the overall shape, and its diameter from 25-49 mm. Some models can be used for inlay system center flushing large diameter drill head. k048 and k049 type alloy sheet used for high friction rock. k1 type alloy film is set for a system of various diameters and cross-shaped drill head. A chisel drill rock drilling efficiency than cruciform head drilling efficiency, however, cross drill head can withstand great loads. A chisel for a variety of hardness homogeneous rock, rock drill impact energy of not more than 8 kg · m. High hardness of the rock chisel, then should adopt cross drill head.
3 carbide drill head of production
 A, metal sheet and the distance between the surface inlaid groove gasket on each side using the compensation of 0.3 to 0.5 mm, no compensation gasket is 0.1 to 0.15 mm. Use of compensation spacers, is to reduce the alloy sheet product during the welding thermal stress. Compensate

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