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Export to Africa

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On April 24,2022, 100 sets YN27C Shengdu rock drill mining equipment will be shipped to Africa in Workshop 2 of the Shengdu Rock drill factory in Jining. At present our company produces rock drill equipment has been recognized by various countries, product exports 165 countries and regions, in the industry has won a good reputation and credibility!

The YN27C petrol rock drill equipment shipped this time has many advantages, such as high working efficiency, light weight, long service life, large working distance, low operating cost, simple and convenient operation, wide operating range and good stability, since the launch of the market by domestic and foreign customers unanimously recognized that the market sales are very good.

As a national high-quality innovative enterprise producing internal combustion rock drill, our company actively responds to the requirements of National Safety Production, strictly controls the quality of products, strives to improve the quality and safety level of products, and actively carries out safety certification of mining products, in the mine product safety research and development and production and manufacture of comprehensive strength.

In 2022, our company will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, continue to enhance the international competitiveness of Shengdu rock drill, with more quality products and services back to customers at home and abroad!

Warmly welcome the global customers to visit Jining Shengdu Wind Co. , Ltd. to study the procurement, cooperation and win-win!

CONTACTS: Manager Xia    
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